Hello, here you can buy gold for the new Warsong, a private vanilla 1.12 server
(A 2018 Classic WoW Project by WoW Feenix)

Current gold stock: Over 20.4k gold

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Available Packages for Warsong x12 (WoW Feenix)

The packages below are for the latest (launched on 18th May 2018) Warsong Classic WoW realm by WoWFeenix.com
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Price was last updated today, 22nd January 2020 (EU Time).

100 Gold
€4.95 EUR (about $5.66 USD)

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200 Gold
€9.90 EUR (about $10.9 USD)

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300 Gold
€14.85 EUR (about $16.1 USD)

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400 Gold
€19.80 EUR (about $21.9 USD)

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500 Gold
€24.75 EUR (about $27.6 USD)

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600 Gold
€29.70 EUR (about $33.3 USD)

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700 Gold
€34.65 EUR (about $39.0 USD)

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800 Gold
€39.60 EUR (about $44.8 USD)

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900 Gold
€44.55 EUR (about $49.5 USD)

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1000 Gold
€49.50 EUR (about $56.6 USD)

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Update: We move our Classic WoW Accounts & Gold Services to our new main website: Gold4Vanilla.com - you can purchase Powerleveling for Classic WoW there as well!

Warsong Feenix Gold can also be purchased on our main V7Gaming website. Check the our Warsong page on V7!

We normally do between 11-19 transactions a day, and we normally operate under CET hours (however, EST, MDT & PDT are not excluded). If you are confused, or if this is your first time purchasing gold, please check the how it works page in order to get familiar with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions - regarding buying Gold for Warsong

1. How fast will i receive the gold?

- The gold is delivered almost instantly, up to a few hours (until we log in game). We usualy send the gold via the in-game mail, or we can transfer it to you in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

2. The price is to high?

- Think again! We stock the gold normaly by playing the game: by utilizing the game professions, auction house & raiding. Also, obtaining gold in vanilla & TBC WoW is at least 20x times harder than in Mists of Pandaria or Cataclysm.

3. Is it safe to buy gold for Warsong?

- It is considered unethical, but it is safe to buy gold from us. We will never mention that you really did! Throughout the years, we have developed safe ways for gold trading. This website server the original WoW-One Warsong during 2014/2015 and the second throughout 2016

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- Yes, we have. If you don't receive the purchased amount of gold within maximum of 24 hours, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked! You can email us for refunds here: shop@v7gaming.com.com

Testimonials from Buyers:

Level 60 Night Elf Rogue and 1000g for WoWFeenix - Warsong

Gabriel Viado vladic002****@gmail.com (29th May '18)

Made a purchase for a Night Elf Rogue and 1000g. Received both the account and gold swiftly! Recommended!

Overnight delivery

Adel Åkerström adeliciou****@gmx.de (22th November '16)

Was surprised to see that my order was completed overnight. Thought i had to wait til the morning thaaaanks!!!

10K gold for GDKP raiding

Charles Blasko charlemagnus888****@hotmail.com (25th October '16)

Bought 10K gold for my GDKP raiding needs, received them superfast in my mailbox

10K gold for GDKP raiding

Charles Blasko charlemagnus888****@hotmail.com (25th October '16)

Bought 10K gold for my GDKP raiding needs, received them superfast in my mailbox

Very satisfied with the service

Nokko Rivers nightmare283****@hotmail.co.uk (5th September '16)

Very satisfied with the service i get, i don't even have to communicate them anymore (bought gold several times)

5K again and again!

Robert Wardenski robertica****@aol.com (10th August '16)

It was about time to see a price like this! My guildies always wonder from where do i get the gold from :P

3000 golds for my horde toon <3

Mashal Larsen itomasha@gmail.com (7th July '16)

Bought 3000 golds for my horde toon - received them super fast

5K for the new Warsong! <3

Nick Keller kellyto2****@gmail.com (19th June '16)

The team behind Gold4Warsong supported me with immediate 5K on the new realm! I can enjoy my summer now :P

Post TBC Update Support! <3

Charlie Hils karlito****@gmail.com (14th January '16)

Big thanks for your continued support, it's great that you continued to farm past the Burning Crusade update. Will come again soon!

Buying everyday

Vincent Wendel 1337game****@gmail.com (15th October '15)

Amazed by the discount, i was so waiting for something like this. I will be buying gold everyday now, thank you for the amazing service

Over 70.000 gold in 2 weeks

Mohamed Askar mozias****@gmail.com (17th June '15)

Gold4Warsong is always stock!!!! Bought 70K gold from them in a very short period of time, their supplies seem limitless. Thanks for the discount too!

Excellent Providers

Mike Mcnutt bromi****@yahoo.com (1st March '15)

Considering myself an excellent farmer, but having a realiable source of suppliers is a must for harsh server economic times like these days. Recommended A+

Excellent Providers

Fethullah Idriz iown*****ft@gmail.com (24th February '15)

I knew this team as the only providers for Feenix's Emerald Dream, and i have been buying from them all of the time. Being supported on Warsong too is great!

WSG & AA Gold

John Hold*** johnho****rd@gmail.com (17th January '15)

If you play on the Feenix WoW servers, i testify that Gold4Warsong can support you all the time on both Warsong & Archangel.

Spares me the boring grinding

Eric Sturch*** stu****ric@gmail.com (4th January '15)

The place "to go" if you don't want to grind on Feenix WoW

Got 40K so far

Carlos Rami*** star****e3@icloud.com (15th November '14)

100% Satisfied!

10K in less than 10 minutes

Charles Or**** charlie_orm***@yahoo.com (25th October '14)

At first i bough 1.000 just to be secure that these guys deliver. Minutes after i made a 10.000 order which was transfered immediately. Finaly someone that can be trusted.

WoW! A delivery in 3 AM

Matthew walk****21@gmail.com (7th October '14)

I wasn't expecting a delivery in 3 AM and now thanks to these people i will have Engineering leveled from 0-300 during the night :-)

Fast as always

Rebby caironsre***ca@aol.com (27th September '14)

I've been supplied by many sellers before, but none is as fast and safe as these guys.

This is my 4th time buying!

Loriette lorie***3@live.com (23th September '14)

This is my 4th time buying gold from gold4warsong! Fast as always, the gold is almost always delivered within minutes... Thank You!

All my characters are GEARED UP!

Benjamin delle****@hotmail.com (11th September '14)

All my characters are GEARED UP thx 2 u! I mean really geared - having a reliable source of gold while doing GDKP raids equals to outbidding everyone that stands on my path

These guys helped me even on their vacation

David Gómez x_Xda****@hotmail.com (2nd September '14)

These guys helped me even on their summer vacation. I desperatelly needed to buy some gold, and one of the Gold4Warsong guys had to download and install WoW on his laptop during his summer holiday. He did so and helped me very much! All done in 3 hours. Appreciated AAA+

Contact Information

Email: shop@v7gaming.com.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (we sell AA, Northdale, Kronos 3, Nostalrius gold too)

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