About Gold4Warsong
(and how everything started!)

Who We Are

Three geek guys from SE Europe. We fell in love with WoW back in 2005 and it was AWESOME experience to play from start on the retail. We are coming from the 'The Maelstrom' EU server. Sadly, we believe that the expansions really ruined the game (beside some exceptions), reasons for this are many, that's why you probably play on the Warsong Vanilla realm too.

When did all of this happen?

We started playing on Warsong when it was started. PreMade PVPs, ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, AQ40, NAXX... we went through all of it, upside-down really. We have amassed powerful characters with rare recipes, and making gold for us is an easier task compared to new beginners on the server, or people who look to gear up, especially through GDKP raids (where you bid with gold to win an item).

Why are we selling gold?

Because people need it. They need it to level their professions, for a fast mount, they need it to keep up with the in-game costs, they need it for gearing up. Farming for gold isn't a pleasurable experience, so we do the hard work for you so you can focus on playing and enjoying the game to the fullest.

Selling gold, isn't that lame?

For some people it is. In order to understand us, you should know that we are coming from a poor country where we make something above the average salary by selling the gold stockpiles. Which means that we literary 'work' while playing the game, from our homes. It is far more enjoyable than some 9-5 job.

How long are we in business?

This website was started in March, 2014. We were selling gold previously through forums, but we recognized the importance of getting this done professionaly, from our website. Because we were buying gold from forums back when our characters were not so great, we know how doubtful is to buy from forum and the chances of getting scammed are very high.

Further, we are proud to announce that we have completed over 500+ transactions so far, literary without a SINGLE issue or refund.

Contact Information

Email: shop@v7gaming.com.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (we sell AA, Northdale, Kronos 3, Nostalrius gold too)

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