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We might be interested to purchase your account if you are a regular seller or have decided to abandon Feenix's Warsong and need a place to dump it off.

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Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Hunter, Druid

Factions: Alliance, Horde

Races: Human, Orc, Night Elf, Undead, Dwarf, Troll, Gnome, Tauren

Roles: DPS(s), Healer(s), Tank(s)

Servers: WoW Feenix (Warsong)

Realms: Warsong PvP (x12)

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Email: shop@v7gaming.com.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (we sell AA, Northdale, Kronos 3, Nostalrius gold too)

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